TowerMadness gone gold!

Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve got the exciting fortune to open the blog with great news:
Our first iP* game, TowerMadness, gone gold yesterday!
Here is one of my favorite pictures:
It’s a great feeling to release your baby into the wild after 6 month of development. We’ve written about 50,000 lines of code, 2000 commits to the code server, 600 tickets in our trac.
After all, due to a great many of optimizations, we produced a pretty small binary package, only about 4.5MiB. Looking at current state of the art iP* games at similar quality, that’s about half the amount of space.
On this blog I’ll write more about the development process and the cool features we added, such as replays, superfast rendering engine and the meticulously polished gameplay, so stay tuned! And go grab a copy of TowerMadness 😛
— Volker

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