Updates to TowerMadness Appengine

I’ve made some pretty cool updates to the TowerMadness server today:

I’ve not translated the stuff yet, so German speaking folks will have to wait — or set the device language to english.
Exposing those features is quite some work with the appengine, due to it’s nature and scalability. For example, generating a random unique ID per user can be very expensive if done wrong, because it’s a global quantity… and those commonly don’t scale well. We’re using a random 12 hexdigit id now, that is randomly sampled up to 10 times on collision.
Also, Twitter’s mobile version has some problems, it seems to not support query strings like the standard version does, which sux. Probably have to use a form+button instead of a link to make it work.
On a side note, Star defense got pushed heavily at the WWDC Keynote yesterday. Interestingly, this seems to impact our sales, too. To the good, that is.

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