Twitter on a mobile device…

…is quite annoying sometimes. Let me explain:

On a desktop machine, you can set a twitter status by using this url:… and it works great! Users enter their credentials on, so all you have to do is include that link somewhere.

Now, if you try to do that on a mobile device, twitter will redirect you to On that mobile version, the ?status=… line is ignored (see Twitter google group). That sucks pretty hard. Also, there seems to be no way to circumvent that easily.

What we’ve been doing for TowerMadness now is create a small proxy page, where the users enter their user credentials, and then use python’s urllib to POST the status using the Twitter REST API. This works, too, but it’s a lot more work on the developers side, and less trustworthy on the client side.

This is especially annoying since the mobile version of safari is pretty much as powerful as the desktop version (except for flash, maybe). My conclusion is that Twitter is not quite ready for mobile devices yet, when it comes to social bookmarking, at least. Luckily, our workaround seems to work well.

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