QuickLook PVR plugin Pt.2

My QuickLook PowerVR .pvr plugin is now functional, supports all texture formats supported by the iPhone (at least in ES1.0, didn’t check ES2.0). I haven’t created a package yet. I also want to add some sanity checks and safeguards, don’t want to crash qlmanage. Thumbnails aren’t generated yet either.

But anyway, in case you are craving for the plugin already (it works very well for all TowerMadness texture assets), go give it a try!
If you want more texture formats to be supported, feel free to contribute them _or_ just post a request in the comments, I’ll try to hack it in if I have the time.
Thanks to Wolfgang Engel for the Oolong open source engine, I used some of his code for the PVRTC decompression.
NOTE: The Apple “texturetool” pvr files are not yet supported. I don’t recommend using them anyways, because the encoder is significantly worse than the PowerVR encoder. I will try to hack them in, though.

3 thoughts on “QuickLook PVR plugin Pt.2

  1. Great plugin idea, but I can't get it to work…

    I compiled it and placed it in ~/Library/Quicklook, rebooted, and it shows up in qlmanage, but when i quicklook at a pvr file it continues to show the white icon…

    Have I screwed up somewhere or are .pvr files generated by "/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin/texturetool"; with the parameters -o ${file_prefix}Atlas.pvr -f PVR -e PVRTC -p ${file_prefix}Atlas_pvrprev.png ${file_prefix}Atlas.png (used by the cocos2d mkatlas.pl tool) not supported?

  2. Hey Hactar,

    no, the Apple files are not supported, because the apple texture tool sucks hard. We used it initially in TM, but then switched to the PowerVR format. The problem with the Apple tool are manifold (no metadata, bad encoder, etc).

    I could try to hack it into the plugin, though.

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