Piracy on the App Store

Iman sent me a link about some dude spending way too much time on anti piracy measures on the app store:


This is totally insane. The time he is spending on preventing piracy (without actually achieving the 100% piracy protection) is so much better spent on just developing good apps.
As an example, with TowerMadness, we actually measured a little bit of pirate activity (because we had more unique online users than actual sales), especially in the early days. But it was only a tiny fraction of the sales, and we didn’t care about it at all. And so far, we’re on a good course, as sales are better than ever and have been very steady for the last month or so.
Going a step further, I even believe that piracy did probably get us a few more sales. I don’t believe the people that pirated the game would have bought it if they had not been able to pirate it. So we really didn’t lose any money there. On the other hand, it’s free advertisement. TowerMadness is awesome, so the pirates will show it to their friends (yes, even pirates have friends!).
‘Nuff said.

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