TowerMadness Zero

We’ve got a pretty crazy experiment running at the moment. In order to cannibalize our pretty solid sales for TowerMadness, we decided to release a full version of TowerMadness, for free, called TowerMadness Zero. The only catch with Zero: there are some ads. But it’s not even much, just one ad per game played.

With this move, TM is pretty much indisputably the number one free tower defense on the Appstore, as there aren’t really many free full-featured alternatives. We’re already sky-rocketing in ranks, being #3 in Strategy in Japan, #8 in Strategy in Germany and #16 in Strategy in the US, after a single day. The full version is of course still on the AppStore for $3, and so far sales dropped only a little. We think there is actually a chance the full version sales will go up, as more people find out about TM. The current conversion rate from zero to full version is about 62 (meaning that for every 62 downloads of zero we have one download of the full version).
We’re using Greystripe as an ad provider. Support is great, let’s see how the eCPM work out.

I think it’s a fun experiment, and we can’t really lose with this. What’s better than having thousands of people playing your game every day. While we’re at it, I’ve computed some stats for TM. Turns out that all players together have spent about 26 years playing TowerMadness already (and it’s only out for a few month). The 45k players earned 3.7 billion points in the almost one million games played, killing about 330 million aliens.
You can get TowerMadness Zero here.
Let’s see how this experiment goes. If it doesn’t go well, I guess TM zero will disappear from the appstore in a few days. But if it works, I guess it’s going to be exciting times! Anyways, eat this, pirates! Arrrr!

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