Appstore Piracy

I have absolutely no clue where they have those numbers from, but those 75% piracy rate they claim I can not confirm at all. For TowerMadness, it has been at most 10%, even before we released Zero.
Also, if their numbers are right, 0.45 billion paid downloads would generate 1.35 billion wares downloads. Anyone knows a app piracy page that comes even remotely close to that number of downloads? Assuming an average of 5MiB per App (and that’s probably a rather low estimate), that would be 6.29 PETABYTE of traffic. That’s probably around $670k just for the traffic if hosted at Amazon S3.
And whoever started calling it piracy should be put on a boat, sent to the horn of africa and hang out with the real pirates a little.
‘Nuff said.

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