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Hey #iDevBlogADay,

todays post I’d like to write on a more personal and local note. However, if you’re interested in technical stuff, check out my post from two days ago, courtesy of Keith of Imangi.

As most of you guys know, there are a lot of iOS developers and get-togethers/meetings in the US. I never had the honor of attending one, but my Limbic co-founders Iman and Arash spoke highly of them.

I’m German, living in Cologne, and so far I’ve barely met any german iOS developers, let alone iOS game developers. Even at GDC Europe, it seemed like iOS wasn’t that big of a deal yet. However, there are a few big shops, like EA, even in Cologne, and it really riddles me if there are no german (indie) iOS developers, or if it’s just hard to find them because there are no proper communication channels.

So, my hopes are that I can find some German (or even European) iOS developers through this channel. Maybe we can even have a few get-togethers somewhere in the region to talk about tech, share knowledge, contacts, etc.

Please let me know (in the comments/by email to if you feel addressed and you’re interested!

4 thoughts on “German iOS Developers

  1. Not exactly a meetup, but the German iPhoneDevCon will be held in Cologne for the first year in a row this year (29.-30. Nov). For me, it's always been a great way to get in touch with other developers and potential clients.

    Hope to see you there,

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    Heiko: I always had the impression that the iPhoneDevCon was more for business/enterprise developers, and the content (judging from the talk list) didn't seem to justify the cost for me as a game developer. Are there a lot of game developers?

    Thanks for the links! Seems like Berlin is where the party is, again 🙂 The cocoheads-bonn page hasn't been updated in two years, so I assume it has dissolved. It seems really weird that there are many many cocoaheads usergroups all over the world, but none in cologne. I guess people here are too occupied with drinking beer :-]

  3. I was at Macoun in Frankfurt/M. last year and also surprised how few iOS game developers there were but overall a great conference for a niche segment. Worth a visit!

    GDC Europe isn't exactly a meeting place for mobile developers either. EA in cologne doesn't have any developers, just business, human resources and other non-development departments.

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