Found some old stuff

Here are some screenshots of an engine I wrote 7 years ago for a pratical at my old lab as an undergrad. It featured standard shadowmapping with 1-16 sample PCF, parallax mapping, normal mapping, Doom3 models, Doom3 level format, and it was playable via TCP/IP. You could run around and beat the other players up with a wrench. And there was a ball bouncing around that you could hit to fire it off in one direction. Too bad I can’t find the source code of this.

Also that year, I did an entry into the NVIDIA demo competition held at our institute, which I won. The price was a shiny GF6800, which is probably slower than the iPad2 A5 these days. There is also an IOTD on flipcode (may it rest in peace, it was a great site!) about this.  😀

Good times of fooling around. Now I’m fooling around for a living. Still good times 🙂

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  1. I remember that flipCode IOTD for sure! Nice for me to know the relation between one of the blogs I follow and flipCode.

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